The VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) provider that I have been using for my home and business telephone service for many years has started a reseller program. I love their service and their prices (unlimited service for about $5.00 a month), so I signed up as a reseller. Now you can buy their excellent product from me. I will mark it up a small amount, and I will be your telephone technician. is owned by me, Vernon Cole.

You can get some really advanced service, such as time-of-day filtering, text messages, automatic call forwarding, and digital receptionist. This is the service I used to forward my USA calls to Nigeria when I was working over there. One of my favorite features is the ring group. When you dial my business number (+1 307-288-7383) it will ring my desk phone and my computer. If I don't answer them, it will forward to my RePublic cell phone. If I still don't answer, it will take voice mail which is then e-mailed to me.

I use per-minute billing on "7383", so there are no call restrictions, and it usually costs two or three dollars a month. Used with my $20 RePublic cell plan, I get a complete business telephone package, and a separate home phone number, for less than that extra fee that the big cell companies charge for each "smart phone" line.

Some of my grandchildren are starting to carry and use their own tablet computers. I am starting to set them up with their own "extension" numbers from the family phone which will ring calls to their tablets. It costs zero and will work most places where there is WiFi. They can call their friends and receive calls without tying up the "family" phone. A good start until they actually need a real cell phone.

Click this link to sign up for the service.

The main user interface portal is at:

Now, about smart phones, the big phone companies charge you an extra $30 a month per line when you switch from a dumb phone to a smart phone, even if you don't use any data. This makes no sense to me. If I don't use data, why do they care whether I use an old flip phone or a new Android? That $30 adds up.

With their "deal", you could get a "free" phone, and pay $80 a month or more to use it (two year contract cost $1,920). Alternatively, you can buy a RePublic smart phone for $129 and pay $10 a month (two year cost $369, no contract). The $2,000 plan has better coverage than the $400 plan (Version vs Sprint networks) but I have been surprised by how seldom my wife's Verizon works when my RePublic does not. There are cases (like indoors with WiFi) where mine works better. If you decide you need cellular data, it's $15 per gigbyte. You can buy a lot of gigabytes with a thousand bucks.

RePublic works by using your Internet connection to make calls if possible, and switching over to Sprint network if needed. Calls are not dropped during the switch-over. I can start a call in the house on WiFi, then get in the car and drive away, and I cannot tell when the call switches over to cell. It's that good.

I will be adding a link to their site soon (as soon as my Affiliate membership is approved) so that I will get paid a commission when you join. Check back here. Meanwhile, I am going to go switch my billing plan over to the one where they pay me back if I buy cellular data and then don't use all of it....